Package for Private Birthday Party

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Since 2017, Opus Saigon has increasingly established its reputation as the leading venue for organizing a Private Birthday for all Saigon’s gourmets. Putting our heart into your Private Birthday, Opus won’t only mark an important milestone in your life journey, but it also creates a lot of wonderful memories for you and your loved ones.

Especially at Opus Saigon, Private Birthday will be very special with the event themes, following your interest and personal style. Opus also ensures privacy and comfort in every room to make the moments of assembling and toasting remarkable in everyone’s heart.

Moreover, the creativity and meticulousness in decorating or designing the delicious menu, according to your interest and personal style, also makes the moment of welcoming new milestones more meaningful and full of joy for your big day.

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From October 10th, Opus also offers many Valuable Gifts, from decoration to entertainment, for all of your meaningful events. Please contact Opus via Hotline (+84) 028 3911 7888 or email and let us create your upcoming birthday be the best of the best.