Enhancing The Sense Of Taste With Masterchef

The event was organized by MasterChef Ngo Thanh Hoa collaboration with the famous Cognac -  Hennessy that had left the deep feelings in the hearts of guests.

Party Night "ENHANCING THE SENSE OF TASTE WITH MASTERCHEF NGO THANH HOA" had brought guests on the journey to awaken the most delicate emotions with a combination of the creative cuisine, the famous Wine Hennessy X.O and MasterChef's inspiring sharing in the journey to charm with Cuisine.

With all the enthusiasm and passion, the menu "ENHANCING THE SENSE OF TASTE" was like a deep thanks from MasterChef Ngo Thanh Hoa to those who have always supported him.

Once again, congratulations to MasterChef Ngo Thanh Hoa and thank you for really bringing the wonderful experience in the journey of "ENHANCING THE SENSE OF TASTE".

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